Weekend Breaks Are For Couples As Well

Weekend Breaks Are For Couples As Well


Thats right! Weekend breaks ARE also for couples. The breaks are designed for couples who want to be romantic or just want time out from life  and kids and to enjoy each other and relax.

While thinking “weekend breaks for couples“, most people think “dirty weekend“, most cases its just that, but thats allowed.(Hopefully)


Weekend Breaks For Couples

The Dirty Weekend

When you tell your friends or workmates you are going away for  a weekend as a couple, the first thing that comes into their mind is dirty weekend, Ann Summers,and a weekend of dubourcy – CHANGE YOUR FRIENDS

The dirty weekend usually  does happen, as the couples enjoy romantic time with each other, bond, chill without kids, and get in the zone without worrying about putting the kids to bed or what activities to plan the next day.

Saying that all weekends are not “dirty weekends”, loads of couples go away at weekends to visit frieinds, see new places or take part in some activity.

The Weekend for Couples

Weekend breaks for couples, are usually spent in quiet locations that are romantic like the Lake District, Scarborough or really anywhere in the UK, that is not where near where you live.

Weekend breaks involve not thinking about work, bills, or even the kids, the weekends are about being in a new romantic location, looking at life and most importantly chilling and enjoying each others company.


Why Do I Like Weekend Breaks

I love weekend breaks, they happen every couple of months and its a great treat that we both deserve and enjoy, our lifes are on the go 24/7 looking after kids, making sure their social lives are complety full with rainbows, scouts, skating, school, and of course having friends around, and thats not forgetting the dreaded word “work”, we count down our weeks too we have a weekend away on our calendar.

The positive side of a weekend break is the Grandparents get quality time with the kids, so its not just us that benefit. ( Grandparents always look like they need a weekend away after looking after our kids, haha)

We love anywhere thats chilled, we live in the City so anywhere that has green fields, sheep, and the air is clean to breath, it certainly floats out boat.

Do We Plan What To Do On The Weekend

We dont have a plan as such, our weekend usually entails arriving at a hotel on a Friday night, unpacking and having a few drinks either in the hotel bar, or a local pub.

Saturday morning is a really relaxed day, we don’t have to wake up for the alarm clock or either the kids screaming for breakfast, we have a really chilled full english breakfast.

The day is either then spent visiting a new place, going for a walk, retail therepy for her indoors, or just sitting by a log fire, slurping wine.

Of course after so many hours of this, which we both deserve we either fall asleep totally wrecked or the phrase “dirty weekend” kicks in.